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Adequate and sustainable access to income and resources to meet basic needs. We work on alternative livelihood options based on available local resources like agriculture & forest products.


Smiley face Formation and strengthening Women Self Help groups.

Smiley face Financial inclusion of SHG with Banks & Government programmes.

Smiley face Skill development of Tribal women on entrepreneurship.

Smiley face Marketing/Trading of Minor Forest Produce by SHG.

Smiley face Farmers group & producers Group formation and strengthening.

Smiley face Support to farmers group on irrigation for vegetable cultivation.

Smiley face Two stage Biomas Gasifier unit linked with Agro processing unit of Women federation.

Smiley face Agro processing & marketing of local millet, plusses by Women SHGs.

Smiley face Cashew nut processing unit & marketing by Women SHG federation.

Smiley face Better cultivation practices, seed processing & preservation.

Smiley face Land development & natural resource management.

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