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Study and Research

Migration Report: A Study in Four Blocks of Tribal-Dominated Koraput, 2008 An in-depth survey was conducted among 531 migrants from four blocks of Koraput district. The analysis is presented in this detailed report.

Falling stars: a qualitative survey of tribal education, 2007 Guest researchers used a variety of methods to collect qualitative information regarding the state of education in some of the villages of SPREAD's operational area.

Micro study on Land Issues A brief history of the land struggle in Koraput, citing specific land laws. Also included is the report from a study of the land status of Guneipada village.

Dimension of Issues in Education of Children at Elementary Level Due to Repeated Displacement: Microstudy of Chikapar Village, 2007, Dr. Nityananda Pradhan, Mrs. K. Anuradha, Mr. Sarat Kumar Pattnaik After summarizing the effects of displacement in Koraput, this paper details the effects of repeated displacement on Chikapar village.

Perspectives of Child Labour in Koraput District and Related Issues in Education at Primary Stage, 2006, Drs. Nityananda Pradhan and Rabi Narayan Mishra and Mrs. K. Anuradha The issue of child labour in Koraput district is analyzed, followed by a few case studies to illustrate the problem.

Learning Achievement at Elementary Level a Baseline study, 2015, Smruti Ranjan Jena, Principal Researcher. The baseline study “Learning Achievements at elementary level” is a modest attempt to identify issues in elementary education with reference to RtE – 2010 of Government of India. The study aims to identify the learning levels of the students and plan for further interventions to achieve quality education.

Quality Interventions in Education - A Context Study, 2015, Smruti Ranjan Jena, Principal Researcher. Children from tribal areas are even facing more difficult situation. They tend to be doubly deprived because of alien educational curriculum, content and pedagogy.

Spotlight on the Issues

Changing Places: Tribal Women Protect the Forest While the Forest Department Protects the (Illegal) Status Quo, 2010, Mr. Bidyut Mohanty The case of a group of tribal women fighting against illegal deforestation on their land.

Terra Firma: A Grounding in Koraput's Land Issues, 2010, Mr. Bidyut Mohanty and Mrs. K. Anuradha A detailed history of the land struggle in Koraput district.

MGNREGA Corruption, 2010 A case study of delayed wages for a group of MGNREGA workers.

Structural Suicide: How Land Policy and Practice is Driving Orissa's Small Farmers to a Desperate End, 2009, Mr. Bidyut Mohanta and Mrs. K. Anuradha An exploration of the history and reasons for farmer suicides.

A note on Identity Crisis among the Tribes of Koraput, 2006, Mr. Bidyut Mohanty Notes from the December 2006 Tribal Convention, which form an analysis of the problems of identity faces by the people of Koraput as a result of land struggle and displacement.

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